FreedomWorks asks for your help repealing “ObamaCare”.

Your help is urgently needed! Senator Richard Burr is just not “walking the walk” when it comes to getting rid of Obamacare. As a matter of fact, he is not even “talking the talk”! We need to try to change that!

Senators Burr is saying that our health care travesty cannot be remedied this legislative session. Let’s let him know that Republicans campaigned on getting rid of Obamacare right away and that we expect him to do just that. Please give the Senator a quick call and tell him so.

Senator Richard Burr: (202)224-3154

As always, thank you for all you do. Working together, we are truly making a difference!


North Carolina Federation of Men’s Club’s




Strength thru Numbers! 

The more voices the North Carolina Federation of Men’s Club’s have thru Unity (membership) the more Strength we and your club will have. We will be HEARD and LISTEN too.

Membership is ONLY $2.00 per member of Your Local Club per year!  Just about 50 cents more then the cost of a cup of coffee.

Join us today! All groups who join this year will be considered Charter Members.

If, you do not have a club in your County build one! It only takes 10 members to make a club and join us. Have a stronger voice coming from your County!

Women Welcome as Associate members!

For more information see



Contact: Fremont V Brown III
North Carolina Federation of Republican Men, VP Mountain
1434 Brevard Road
Asheville, NC 28806
(828) 777-5326

Recap of the NCGOP 2017 Convention by Merry Guy Chair of Henderson Co. GOP

The NCGOP 2017 Convention concluded Saturday night after two days of hard work and some fun. Robin Hayes remains Chair after a tough campaign between two very qualified candidates and will steer the party to a wining 2018 election cycle. Michele Nix remains Vice Chair, and is committed to keeping NC RED and continuing her practice of supporting all counties through personal visits to share her valuable insight to organizing and getting the vote out.

I don’t have the final headcount, but a 1000 or more Republicans in groups from nearly every county voted to revise the Plan of Organization to address needed details of how we will operate as a party, adopted a new Platform, passed several Resolutions and conducted other business. I strongly support the Republican Party as it affirmed the conservative positions of opportunity and personal freedom for all; help for those who can’t work, and encouragement for those who can.

About 600 of us had lunch with Laura Trump and Kelly Ann Conway, and had the rare opportunity to hear two dynamite ladies recap the Trump Campaign, Trump accomplishments and future plans. I loved hearing clear sound thinking expressed in such an eloquent powerful way! Over the course of the weekend, we heard Gov. Pat McCroy, Lt. Gov. Dan Forrest, the Honorable Bob Edmunds, The Honorable Barbara Jackson, Congressman Richard Hudson, House Speaker Tim Moore, Sen. Phil Berger and Tim Daughtry (author of Waking the Sleeping Giant) and others express their thoughts about our future as a party, the upcoming races in 2018, and beyond. Alberto Gonzales gave a moving talk about his career from cotton fields to the office of Attorney General when terrorist attacked America on 911. Senator Edwards was there to support the party and connect with his constituents during the social activities.

Sunday morning prayer breakfast included powerful words from Tami Fitzgerald (NC Values Coalition), and a riveting sermon from Rev. Mark Creech (Christian Action League of NC). These are just the highlights of a wonderful cast of eloquent and powerful Republicans who had the podium.

We all left this convention with a feeling of pride for what we had accomplished, and determination to continue to fight to preserve the American dream for everyone. While the Republican Party isn’t exclusively Christian, the strong Judea-Christian principles and faith-filled speakers gave the Convention a reverent tone. Through opening prayers, recognition of our Almighty God, and the oft repeated petition for God to bless our country and our work, I felt at home with so many brothers and sisters in Christ.

This was my first convention, but I hope it won’t be my last. I am coming to learn that change in this country comes not only through prayer, but hard work using the political process. The Hebrews in exile prayed often that Jerusalem would be restored and they would be allowed to return home. God answered those prayers, but used His people to do the physical labor – and He continues today to answer prayers when His people respond to His call to action.

Come join the party that strives to protect everyone’s right to live their lives in freedom with self-accountability and abundant opportunity.

Merry Guy, Chair HCGOP