Congress Mark Meadows’ Statement on Continuing Resolution

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) released the following statement on the House’s passage of a continuing resolution, H.R. 195, to fund the government through February 19:

“At the end of the day, what chiefly matters is that Congress come together to implement the agenda the American people voted for. Tonight, we secured important commitments to provide support to make sure our nation’s tremendous military men and women are paid. Furthermore, this continuing resolution provided long-term funding for the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for at-risk children and families, marking the third time Republicans supported this funding. Finally, while I’ve made my position clear on Congress’ bad habit of governing by crisis, I believe the agreement we reached tonight will help put us on a path toward accomplishing the rest of the agenda given to us by the American people.

 Now comes the real work. It’s time for us to get serious about following through on our promises—not in a year, not in a few months, but now. The American people didn’t elect us to continue kicking the can down the road on major policy decisions. We need to get our record spending levels under control. We need to pass a long-term, responsible funding bill that gives our troops the financial security they need and puts our country on a path toward an improving economy and higher paying jobs. And we need to address our broken immigration system, focusing on the fundamental priorities that President Trump campaigned on—securing our southern border, ending chain migration, ending the diversity visa lottery program, and others.

Time for us to put aside the excuses and deliver the results. We can get this done.”

Rep. Meadows’ Statement on President Trump’s Iran Deal Announcement

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) released the following statement regarding the President’s announcement today on the Iran Deal:

“From day one, I’ve called the Iran Deal what it is: an ill-advised agreement that gave Iran far too much for far too little in return. The United States offered Iran an estimated $100 billion, accelerated their nuclear proliferation, and gave away every strategic bargaining chip to the Iranian regime. The Iran Deal did nothing to better the lives of Iranian citizens who continue to suffer while the Iranian ruling elites enrich themselves. Evidence continues to pour in that Iran maintains its support of terrorist regimes abroad, keeping its status as the world’s leading state sponsor of terror. For example, recent investigations from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies have found that Iran annually spends $16 billion to arm and support terrorists and rogue regimes. Furthermore, reports continue to come in that some 20 people have died and more than 4,000 have been arrested in the recent protests taking place in Iran, showing that the regime continues undermining the rights of its own people. The United States must speak in one voice to expose this regime for what it is while making sure we do not turn a blind eye toward their blatant human rights transgressions.

President Trump has done the right thing in handling this agreement. He has put the Iranian government on notice that America’s complacency in this area is over, and he’s informed the international community and our allies abroad that now is the time to fix this deal and tighten its restrictions, or else he will pull out of the deal.

The President also placed additional sanctions for human rights abuses, drawing a distinct line that the United States will not be complicit while a regime tramples on the rights of its own citizens. The President’s decision is the right path forward, and I applaud him for taking it.

The recent human rights protests in Iran have sent a clear message around the world: the Iranian people are tired of their government undermining their freedoms, ignoring their needs, and propping up terrorist regimes. As a nation, we must come alongside the protestors and offer our unconditional support for their effort to usher in a new era of respect for basic human rights and freedoms. After 8 years of standing on the sidelines, it’s time for the United States to lead.”

Food for thought: On a proposal to have judges appointed instead our voting for them,

Dear CCTA Members and Friends,

As you probably know, the North Carolina General Assembly opened a special session yesterday (1-10-18) to deal with redistricting.

That’s appropriate, but I understand they’re also going to deal with a proposal to have judges appointed instead our voting for them, and that’s a terrible idea. Actually, what will be voted on is a bill to put a constitutional amendment on our ballots this year changing the NC Constitution to have judges appointed.

It’s tough to inform citizens in advance about the effects of ballot proposals. Too many people don’t know about ballot initiatives before they get into the voting booth, and when they do see them, assume the General Assembly wants the proposal to go into effect or it wouldn’t be on the ballot.

What would be the effect of having judges appointed?

It would concentrate power into the hands of the person(s) making the appointment. If the governor appoints judges, the judicial branch of government will be chosen by the executive branch of government. If the General Assembly makes the appointments, the judicial branch will be chosen by the legislative branch. Neither arrangement would be good. Nor would a hybrid of the two be good.


Talk about concentration of power! Talk about deal making among cronies! Talk about setting up an entire branch of government which is not answerable to we the people! Think about that and the answer becomes obvious.

Please contact your NC Senator and your NC House member and ask him or her NOT to vote to put a constitutional proposal allowing for the appointment of judges on our ballots.

You can look up contact information on the General Assembly’s website, but for your convenience, I’m including the contact info for General Assembly members of NC

For contact info see and

Thanks, fellow patriot. It takes an alert citizenry to ensure good governance.


Raynor James, Chairman
CCTA’s State Legislative Action Committee

Rep. Meadows on Hannity

Last night, 1/10/18 Rep. Meadows joined Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Sara Carter of Fox News on Hannity to speak on the newest information surrounding Fusion GPS, the FBI, and the Russian dossier. The two members called on House leadership and Chairman Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee to release all relevant documents of the Russia investigation to all members of Congress for review.

Jail Time for Too Much Meat on a Sandwich?

FreedomWorks – Or just way too many rules from a government that has way too many non-emulated agencies? Time and time again, the federal government has encroached into a sector of the economy and imposed a one-size-fits-all regulation that stifles competition, hurts small businesses, and creates troubling criminal penalties for lack of compliance. This is epitomized in federal involvement in menu labeling — regulations and requirements for private businesses to disclose caloric information on physical menus.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) is leading the charge on rolling back this overreach through the Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act, H.R.772, to provide relief for convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and pizza chains alike.

The factors at play here are multifaceted, but their effects are glaring. Beginning with the enactment of ObamaCare, retail food establishments with more than twenty locations of substantially similar menus were required to provide nutritional information, including caloric content, to its customers on their standard menu items.

Implementation of this measure fell to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has since struggled with rule-making to enact the law as intended. As a result, small businesses and large businesses alike have been detrimentally affected, as the attempt at an overarching federal regulation spreads its reach into every sector of the food preparation and sales industry.

Click here to read more.

Food for thought: Just think of all of the BILLIONS of dollars that our government could save us by cutting agencies and jobs, etc. of this kind of non-emulated or unconstitutional regulations, rules and laws.