Capitalism Has Shown Itself to Be the Most Feminist System

FEE – Given that it was just International Women’s Day, we should give some serious consideration to which socio-economic system is the most feminist, the most pro-women. The answer, of course, is the current dispensation, free-market capitalism larded with a bit of welfare-state redistribution.

No, I’m not going soft over taxes and the welfare state; we all agree that there’s going to be some part of that even if we can and will argue over the amount. We’re not going to open the foundling hospitals again after all.

This is a subject that Chelsea Follett has been approaching from the other end when she describes the manner in which socialism was originally opposed to female economic emancipation. We can use those early ideas, even those of Marx himself, to show why it has been capitalism and markets that have produced that freedom and liberty.

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