Food for thought: On a proposal to have judges appointed instead our voting for them,

Dear CCTA Members and Friends,

As you probably know, the North Carolina General Assembly opened a special session yesterday (1-10-18) to deal with redistricting.

That’s appropriate, but I understand they’re also going to deal with a proposal to have judges appointed instead our voting for them, and that’s a terrible idea. Actually, what will be voted on is a bill to put a constitutional amendment on our ballots this year changing the NC Constitution to have judges appointed.

It’s tough to inform citizens in advance about the effects of ballot proposals. Too many people don’t know about ballot initiatives before they get into the voting booth, and when they do see them, assume the General Assembly wants the proposal to go into effect or it wouldn’t be on the ballot.

What would be the effect of having judges appointed?

It would concentrate power into the hands of the person(s) making the appointment. If the governor appoints judges, the judicial branch of government will be chosen by the executive branch of government. If the General Assembly makes the appointments, the judicial branch will be chosen by the legislative branch. Neither arrangement would be good. Nor would a hybrid of the two be good.


Talk about concentration of power! Talk about deal making among cronies! Talk about setting up an entire branch of government which is not answerable to we the people! Think about that and the answer becomes obvious.

Please contact your NC Senator and your NC House member and ask him or her NOT to vote to put a constitutional proposal allowing for the appointment of judges on our ballots.

You can look up contact information on the General Assembly’s website, but for your convenience, I’m including the contact info for General Assembly members of NC

For contact info see and

Thanks, fellow patriot. It takes an alert citizenry to ensure good governance.


Raynor James, Chairman
CCTA’s State Legislative Action Committee